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As an experienced estate lawyer, Terry Anderssen provides practical advice and assistance preparation of wills, often involving estate planning, as well as powers of attorney and also to Executors and Administrators of Estates throughout Brisbane’s Northside.

The will is a most important document because it is the only way of ensuring our wishes can be carried out after we have died. These wishes are about how you want to distribute your property after you die and who you want to manage your estate and the carrying out of the intensions expressed in your will after your death. To ensure this is done in a professional manner, engaging with respectable lawyers is advised.


Where a person dies, their property becomes “a deceased estate”. The assets need to be collected. This may include a house, boat, bank accounts, cash, vehicles, tools or other personal items. If there is a business, discussion with the Executors or Administrators will be required, to ensure there is proper planning to enable the business to continue to operate for the period of administration of the estate.

In addition, some assets may have to be realised such as life insurance, superannuation interests and assets in the name of a trust or a company. Debts may also have to be paid and income tax returns submitted. With all the confusion, uncertainty and planning that can surround such a difficult time, it is always best to consult with compassionate and efficient deceased estate lawyers.


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Common Questions asked to Wills and Estates Lawyers

What happens if no will is made?

If you die without a will, the Succession Act sets out who will be entitled to benefit from your deceased estate. It will be up to one of your beneficiaries of your deceased estate to volunteer to administer the estate. The result may be conflict and confusion about who will be responsible for the estate and people you intended to benefit from the deceased estate may not receive what you wanted them to, which is when trusted lawyers should become involved.

If requested, do I have to show someone a copy of the Will?

A copy of the Will must be provided pursuant to section 33Z of the Succession Act if you are asked to provide a copy of the Will by someone who is named in the Will of the deceased, a prior Will of the deceased or by a member of the deceased’s immediately family.

What is an Enduring Power of Attorney?

An Enduring Power of Attorney is employed in your life to enable decisions to be made for you when you are unable to make them or act on them yourself because you have become incapacitated.

The Attorney of course must be someone you can trust. The Power of Attorney can be in general terms or specifically provide clear directions concerning matters of finance, health and/or personal issues.

What does the Executor Do?

The Executor is responsible for collecting the assets of the estates, then paying the debts of the estate. The Executor is also responsible for distributing the Estate in accordance with the will. For more information regarding the responsibilities of the Executor, Terry Anderssen is a lawyer who has the experience in estate matters and will be happy to explain them to you.

What is a Grant of Probate?

The Supreme Court issues a document that is called a Grant of Probate. The importance of this document is that the Executor is granted protection. It is also a requirement by financial institutions and banks that the Executor obtain the Grant of Probate before funds will be paid from the deceased's account. Terry Anderssen, who is experienced as a lawyer in estate matters can explain all of this to you and more regarding planning to help during this difficult time.

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